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Our mission is to provide tools for individuals and enterprises via Internet to support their daily activity.

Do you need a trustable assistant?

The main features of our applications are the simple user interface and easy to use structure. There is no need for any special IT skills to install our products because we offer accessibility via Internet. Our systems can be reached all the time 24/7 and from all over the word whenever you have access to the Internet. Even, you can use it via your smart phone.

Would your enterprice work more efficient with the support of a inteligent assistant?

With our system we created your dream of Assistants: punctual, diligent, work 24 hours all day without break, never goes on holiday, her monthly salary is minimal, etc.

Currently the following products are available:

    promda - TASK - task management modul
    promda - PARTNER - partner management modul
    promda - RESERVATION - reservation management modul
    promda - SALES - sales management modul
    promda - ENTER - enterprise support modul
    promda - PROJECT - project management modul
    promda - WORKTRACK - work tracking modul
    promda - TEST & SURVEY - test and survey management modul
    promda - CAFETERIA - cafeteria management modul
    promda - WORDCARDS - word cards trainer modul

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